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The UN has called Syria’s five-year civil war the “world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe,” with an estimated 220,000 killed and more than 12 million in need of aid.

Israeli commandos launched a daring raid into Syrian territory to plant sophisticated camera equipment that looked exactly like the indigenous rocks.

At first, some Twitter users believed the lost-innocence photo may have been staged.

But a user on the Imgur photo-sharing site traced it back to the Turkiye newspaper, where it was published in January, the BBC reported. “I was using a telephoto lens, and she thought it was a weapon,” Sagirli told the BBC.

He explained that normally, a child who is unaccustomed to having a photo taken will either “run away, hide their faces or smile when they see a camera.” It wasn’t until after he examined the picture, said Sagirli, that he realized his subject was terrified because she had seen so many weapons in her young life that the camera became a weapon in her mind.

One chilly morning as the sun rose over the sands of Nineveh governorate, the brigade commander sent a Spec 4 to my bunk with the news that we would be flying into town for a big meeting of all the sheikhs in the region.

The commander of the 101st Airborne Division, (then) Maj. David Petraeus, already somewhat famous by virtue of his quote in The New York Times asking, “Someone tell me how this ends? So a bunch of us piled into a pair of Blackhawk helicopters and flew over to Qayyarah and landed in a field near the town hall and joined a large roomful of sheikhs in various tribal attire. Sheikh after sheikh rose to his feet and yelled at the men on the dais, including Petraeus, something to which I had to assume the general was unaccustomed.

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