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I went to a Christmas market, to a gig, went for Thai…even had a smooch! Try something new, for example go to a ukulele hootenanny! It also meant I didn’t wake up feeling stupid for over sharing because I had one too many prosecco’s (happened too many times).

If they are drinking, this gives you a chance to be very honest and direct with them, which is always fun. It gave me a huge amount of self-confidence realising how easy it was to talk to strangers and finding something to talk about.

This is one of the most competitive cities in the world, and your insane rent doesn't pay itself thanks to all the free time you have.

When you’re waking up at am to squeeze into an overcrowded Tube, working until 8pm, maybe hitting the gym for a bit, and then somehow eating and seeing your friends... Just to reemphasize, there are 8.3 million people in London.

January is the sober sister of December, the season for new resolve. If they are dull then you can leave without spending an extra thirty quid getting obliterated. The world is scattered with a million experiences but here are a few ideas of what you can do: 1. If you are from London then I highly recommend using 2.

A chance to meet someone we can imagine hanging out with our friends, the kind of guy who is not just for Christmas, but might last a bit longer than a champagne hiccup. Now, before you shrug me off as someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, I went sober for a month in November and continued to date throughout my dryathalon. In fact I didn’t meet anyone more than twice but that’s just life. Sober or drunk, we can’t expect to always fall for the first ten or twenty people we meet.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it got us thinking about how navigating the sober dating seas can be a bit of a rough ride. In fact, in a survey by, 73% of respondents said that alcohol made it easier for them to date.

In any scenario, having sex with someone new can be scary – sober or not.You’ve trusted your gut and your sober self, and chosen to go home with the best date ever – yourself.Being honest and upfront about your (non-) drinking means that you’ll also weed out all the people who just cannot deal with an alcohol-free evening. It sounds obvious but we all have a surprising amount in common. Whilst I was more nervous on these dates than I have ever been, it was worthwhile remembering that even when they were very good-looking (which one was), he is just human.

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This is a transient city, and while we're reliably informed by The Bangles that love is eternal, visas, jobs, and student programs aren't.

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