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It is believed that Navan was a pagan ceremonial site and was regarded as a sacred space.

It features prominently in Irish mythology, especially in the tales of the Ulster Cycle.

According to tradition it was one of the great royal sites of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland and the capital of the Ulaidh.

The inhabitants were largely self sufficient, and it is not uncommon to have neighbouring ringforts, some of which may have may have served as an early medieval livestock pen.

Taken over by the Great Northern Railway in 1876, the Navan and Oldcastle branch lost its passenger service in April 1958.

The section from Navan to Oldcastle was closed completely in 1963, but the line between Drogheda to Navan remains in use to serve the nearby Tara Mines, which dispatches several loaded ore trains each weekday.

He described it as a chapel which seems to imply its dependence on the mother church in Skryne. It has three storey and its thick walls and slit windows speak of a time when castles were used for defence and not for comfort.

The stone is rough and primitive with very little mortar used. Inside is a spiral staircase with little rooms opening off it.

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