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Asked jokingly if his four children are a result of “product deficiency”, he quips back: “No, I call that succession planning.”Mr Goh is the chief executive of Malaysian company Karex - which, it might surprise many to learn, is the world’s largest condom manufacturer.

Arguing earlier for the duo to be denied bail, prosecutors said there was a danger that they would repeat their actions if allowed to go free.

After a brief recess, judge Murtazadi Amran declined bail for both defendants.

Better known as “Alvivi”, a contraction of their two first names, 25-year-old Tan and Lee, 24, had stirred up a hornet’s nest last week when they posted a mock “Selamat Berbuka Puasa” (breaking of fast) greeting on their Facebook page that showed them eating “bak kut teh”, and describing the soupy pork dish as “wangi, enak, menyelerakan” (fragrant, delicious, appetising).

She avoids repeating what is available in magazines, saying tips such as “light candles for romance” are dull and not new.

The classes, which started in January, are fully booked weeks in advance, Ma said.

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