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It’s always tough to get back to a blog after a hiatus, but back one must come!

So is it just the pills that give you boobs or is it an obiration to? I hate myself as a man and it wasn't till the past couple years that I realized that I am a girl on the inside. I've always been a bit more feminine than most other guys, and I wanted to know what it was like to be asked out on a date by a... when i was little if you asked me if i wanted to be a girl i would of said yes.As we discovered later, our mental map of one space was actually backwards (ironically for Backwards Day) so we had to do some reblocking, but for the most part we were able to devise clever and interesting movements for a tight performance space.The next I was out of town, so Kate met with the actors twice to rehearse without me.Vivienne herself is a remarkable person, so this interview will keep you on the edge.Regular readers of this blog will know of the esteem in which I hold Helen Boyd, author of two forthright and powerful books about life with a crossdressing husband.

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